Outdoor Solutions.

  • Our Kennel Fans have been FIELD-TESTED to withstand weather and vehicle vibrations.
  • Our outdoor, continuous duty 12V Kennel Fans are as TOUGH as your working dog!
  • Keep them SAFE and COOL with our 2 speed Kennel Fans.



Keep your dogs calm, cool, and more productive with our field-tested Prairie Logic Kennel Fans. The build quality of our fans have been proven to withstand all sorts of weather conditions, including rain, snow, heat, and humidity. The fans are also built to withstand the vehicle vibrations of riding in the back of a pickup.

Safe and Cool

The comfort of your dog is our number one priority. Continuous, positive airflow throughout the kennel will cut down on flies, mosquitoes, and other pests and keep your dog focused, relaxed, and ready for your next hunt. Our dogs also find that the "white noise" from the fans is soothing and relaxing.



The LOW setting will minimize your power draw -- LESS than 2 AMPS!   You can leave your fan on even when your vehicle is shut off.  We routinely leave our fans on throughout the entire day without any concern for our vehicle battery, while having the confidence that our dogs will remain safe and cool.