About Us:

We have been training and caring for hunting dogs as well as our family pets for over 20 years.  We understand the time, money and commitment that are put into owning and caring for a pet, especially a valuable asset such as a hunting dog.  

One simple necessity that concerned us was the decision to place our hard working dogs into a hot kennel after a long day of hunting or training.  The panting dogs never had an opportunity for their body temperatures to cool down.  The stress level on a dog is greatly reduced when the cooling process begins as soon as they enter the kennel.

That is how this business venture started,  we wanted a quality, rugged, outdoor product that provided comfort to our pets and allowed all the dog owners of the world to feel at ease during the warmer weather. 

In fact, we feel so confident in our Prairie Logic products that we are still running our original kennel fans in the back of our pickups from the inception of our business, which are still running after 10+ years! 

Hope to see you in the field!

Jason and Gary

Jason and Deuce

Jason and Deuce